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QuickExec is a fully configurable tool-bar style application that can be set up to run many programs and perform certain pre-programmed actions. Like a toolbar, pictures are used to distinguish what a button is configured to do. QuickExec automatically uses the default icon! The buttons on QuickExe care easy to configure! By dragging and dropping programs, files, shortcuts, or folders, you can instantly configure that button to run the dropped object. You can also configure buttons manually by specifying their command, description, window style and other parameters. You even have the ability to assign a shortcut key to any button, allowing you to quickly run that button with a simple keyboard command. Not only can you configure a button to run a program, but you can also configure buttons to perform certain pre-programmed actions. By configuring a button to Shutdown Windows, Install a Program, Reboot the System, or more, you have single-click access to things that normally take several steps to perform! QuickExec is fully configurable. You can adjust the number of pages of buttons that appear on the QuickExec window, or even organize them into groups. Remove the title bar, make QuickExec always stay on top of other windows and so on! After using QuickExec for just a short time, we are sure you will find QuickExec to be an invaluable tool for your Windows environment!


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