Protect Folder in Windows

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Protect Folders is a security software program that makes it easy to lock files and folders against unwanted access. Protect Folders is very user-friendly and intuitive so it will take you no more than a second to learn how to use it. The Lock Folders button allows you to select folders you want to protect. Then you get a prompt for a password to protect the folder. You can specify a hint to remind yourself about the password if you forget it; however, the hint is optional. For security reasons, the password must be at least six characters long and passwords are case-sensitive. Protect Folders locks the entire folder, rather than individual files. You can protect folders on internal, external, removable and network drives. You can lock shared folders mapped to any drive letter. Locked folders retain protection even when viewed from PCs with no Protect Folders installed. However, you can unlock your folders only on PCs installed with Protect Folders. The program runs on Windows Vista, XP, NT, 98 and ME. Protect Folders takes less than 1 MB of disk space but gives you peace of mind when somebody else uses your PC. The program balances strong protection with a simple interface. You will find the program to be an invaluable addition to your desktop or laptop. Download the free trial version now.


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