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Privacy Protector is the leading privacy protection software. By shredding unwanted and unneeded files and erasing your computer footprints, Privacy Protector makes sure that your privacy is never compromised. When you run Privacy Protector on your computer, it will scan your entire hard drive and will show you all of the emails, Internet histories, chat logs, search histories, password files and other information that your hard drive is logging. After you see the results, you can remove whatever you want, in order to safeguard your privacy while improving your computer's performance. Every move you make on your computer, including all of your email and Internet activity, is being recorded whether you realize it or not. If someone else has access to the computer you use, such as a friend, a boss, a co-worker or a spouse, they can see every single thing you've done on that computer and they don'teven have to know much about technology to accomplish such a feat. By simply using one of many common software applications available online, almost anyone can retrace every computer move you're ever made. Without our privacy software, a person can look at every single website you've ever visited, every email you've ever sent or received, and every movie or music file you've ever watched or downloaded. If you don't take measures to protect yourself, that's exactly what can happen. When you run our software, it will scan your entire computer and will show you all of the emails, chat logs, Internet histories, audio and video files, deleted files, search histories, clipboard data, cookies, password files, image files and other information you probably never even realized was on your hard drive. Better yet, once you've seen all the privacy-invading footprints stored on your system, our software will enable you to erase them from your hard drive forever and then not only will your privacy be protected, but your computer will run better as well.


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