PowerArchiver 2000

Compression and Zip File Utilities


The most powerful and totally free Archive Utility... List of some features: full built-in support for ZIP, CAB, LHA(LZH), TAR (+TAR.GZ, +TAR.BZ2) and BH (BlakHole) archives; built-in support for reading and extracting: RAR, ARJ, ARC, ACE, ZOO, GZIP and BZIP2 archives; full built-in support for XXE and UUE Internet encoded files; multiple disk spanning, powerful SFX archives, passwords, comments, renaming files within archive, installing archive, checkingarchive for viruses, integrated viewer with support for TXT, RTF, BMP, JPG(JPEG), GIF, ICO, WMF and EMF files, mailing archives; complete integration with Windows Explorer:d & d, powerful Explorer Shell Extensions; tool for converting between archive formats (CAB to LHA), tool for splittingsingle ZIP archive, tool for extractingmultiple archives; great interface similar to other popular archive utilities with two modes of viewing archive (Classic & Explorer style), integrated file browser; detailed help in new MS HTML Help format with the tutorial for beginners; and, many, many more useful and powerful features.

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