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Take control over your multiple web accounts and secure your passwords by having them stored on your mobile storage device. With Portable Password Tracker you can setup a master password and multiple different passwords for you web accounts that you do not need to remember as you need to login to your accounts on the web. You have the option to use the quick launcher to rapidly access your web pages automatically or as you go to a web page you can right click over an account field and have PPT automatically fill in the account and password for you. Never leave your web accounts information behind. Unplug the USB from the computer and the passwords are not available for use anymore, Plug it in and PPT will prompt you for your master password and enable the auto login for your web accounts again. Our technology to fill in fields on the web does not use keystrokes and/or copy and paste, giving you extra security against spyware that uses keystroke recording to steal your account login information.

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