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File Sync is a sync program of new generation. The program has very user-oriented interface which allows to solve the problems put before the user in some seconds. We will consider this interface more in detail. The developers of File Sync have refused from difficult and heavy for perception panels of tools which complicate work process and distract from the decision of primary goals. Actually, the directory comparison utility-s window consists of one window and a small number of the commands located in the top panel of the program. The program works by the principle of tasks. Within the limits of each such a task the user solves the problems independently, and in need of the decision new he can create new tasks. Each new task in the sync program is started by means of command -File-New task- or a special badge in a program window. Within each task the user can start and load directories for comparative analysis. Directory loading is made by means of -Browse-. Both directories are loaded into a program window. After the user can choose -Analyze- with which help directory comparison is spent. The command -Analyze- is located in the bottom of the program. In the same place, on the bottom panel, you can find two more commands ' -Sync- and -Stop-. The first option is used for the second functional block of the problems carried out in File Sync ' file synchronization. The second option is used for the stop of both file synchronization and directory comparison. It is necessary to tell, that file synchronization is spent necessarily after directory comparison. In the program there are special badges which specify in whether the files are common for both directories or belong to one of directories. Proceeding from this file synchronization is spent with certain files.

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