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Pocket PC analyzer software fetches complete details of your PDA phones about hardware/software architectures including memory usage, used processor, operating system type, file status and version etc. PDA surveillance utility can examine phone IMEI number, SIM IMSI, battery status and signal quality of connected device etc. Cell phone inspector tool is compatible with all type of windows based mobile phones (including Smart phone, Portable media center devices and PDA device etc). Smart phone investigator application analyzes and extracts complete memory records and memory status from both SIM and phone memory. Advance PDA investigation software is more powerful tool provides an advance option to investigation officers, forensics agencies and other persons to fetch operating system registry files (installed application, user profile), saved files folders and database files from Pocket PC. Windows mobile inspector utility is capable for analyzing mobile phones information and also provides facility to save analyzed records in text or html file format. Pocket PC forensic program is customizable and affordable solution to gather all important information such as audio video files, picture files, fixed and last dialed number, call duration, (sent, received) message, appointments and phonebook directory in just few minutes. Features: * PDA surveillance software provides an inbuilt help manual to easily extract all information of pocket PC. * Pocket PC forensic utility supports all major brands of smart phones (including Anextek SP230, Sony Ericsson, Hitachi, Motorola, HP iPAQ hw6515 and other latest brands) and various windows operating system. * Software provides easy installation and uninstallation process with wizard style GUI.

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