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The password guard is an application that will store all your passwords in only one click. It uses strong encryption and your passwords will never be exposed to the public. Most of the modern browser have a save password function which simply stores your passwords without any protection. If someone is granted access to your computer, this person could easily get his hands on all your sensitive information by simply starting a browser and check your bookmarks. However, with password guard you will never need to worry about this scenario. Some of the features that are available in password guard are: - The ability to save your usernames, passwords and locations of these. - Use one password to protect all your passwords instead of needing to remember hundreds of them. - One click function to copy your information and open it in a browser instantly. - Associate your favorite sites with your usernames and passwords. If you are like my and want to keep your passwords safely without any hassle, I would really make sure to download and install the password guard. This software is completely free of Adware, Spyware, or third party programs as I hate to install something that I didn't asked for. With other words, there are no hidden tricks and the software is completely free from any type of malicious code.

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