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Webaroo's advanced technology enables you to search web content offline on your Windows laptop/desktop,Windows Mobile PDA/Smartphone,portable storage devices and U3 devices. With Webaroo you can:store your web content (web packs and websites), search or browse the content that you have stored offline,sync your content(optional) to a windows mobile device to access the latest web content on the go. Webaroo is fast,free and always on.It offers download of over 100 web packs, like Wikipedia,News,sports,celebrities.You can also download your browser bookmarks,favorites or almost any website to access on the go.Webaroo is available in English,Chinese,Grench,German,Italian,Japansese and Spanish Languages and can be also downloaded from the developer's web site. Laptop/desktop Operating Systems: Windows Vista/XP/200 Mobile Device OS: Windows Mobile 2003 SE & 5.0 for PDAs and Smartphones.


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