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PaseoExpress community edition is the first graphical development tool for operations managers. Model and generate your operational scripts graphically in XML format on this new script generator. The generated scripts can be controlled directly in your scheduling application, in local command mode or remotly. - Configure a whole list of technologies and applications (33 .net components) entirely graphically (Start-Stop service, File Management, Word, Excel, Storage Procedure, SQL import/export, Telnet, POP/SMTP, FTP, log, timer...) - Describe the sequencing and constraints between steps by drawing arrows - Handle variables - Trap errors and set up recovery modes - Analyze and consolidate logs, etc. - Test and generate execution scripts (in XML format) Major benefits include: - All graphical configuration - Native technology control and error trapping - Use of natural language allows precise, intuitive sequencing control - Automatic recovery mode - Remote execution - Step-by-step validation - No compiling required - Application maintainability

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