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MyPendrive enables extended autorun functions for USB drives, like starting portable apps directly at drive connection. It offers enhanced automatic backup functions, allows you to easily customize the drive label, icon and context autostart menus and is highly customizable. MyPendrive has a great "plus": the exclusive "UsbAutoStart" function, that enables to start the program directly from the USB pendrive, without user actions, at drive connection. Some new version 2.0 functions: - Start your portable apps automatically at drive connection; - Backup your folders automatically at drive connection; - Custom context menus for your USB drive in MyComputer; - MyPendriveGadget (optional): is a "must have" beautiful tool that stands on the PC desktop and lets you run instantly any portable applet and open folders you have in your USB drive. Otherwise all similar software, MyPendrive must be installed on your USB drive, not on the PC hard disk. This enables you to have all its functions always with you. Thanks to UsbAutoStart function, MyPendrive starts just some moment after the drive insertion, bypassing Windows' limitation that does not allow to start automatically a program from removable drives without user intervention.

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