Mobile Macros

Automation Utilities


This application is designed to facilitate user's work on his mobile device, to speed up the work with different software applications and make their use easier, to get rid of excessive actions. This is achieved by automation of frequently repeated user's actions, saving them in the form of a macro which a user can launch himself or via other applications (for example, according to schedule). Macros can be used in the following ways. By users: quick dial-up of a phone number; muting the device; quick memory cleaning (through unloading of all applications); making any text templates for SMS, events, tasks, notes, documents; switching on and off build-in wireless interfaces; automatic start of ActiveSync when connecting through Bluetooth; making various device profiles; performing basic operations (for example, backing up files); and much more. By system administrators - logging events. For developers and testers of mobile software: making self-presenting applications (automatic presentations); automatic testing of applications on devices; making logs of user's work with a program to make facilitate its remote debugging.


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