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Lomsel Backup helps you to protect all important data on your computer. Easy usage of this program means that even beginners can backup. Lomsel Backup works with Windows scheduler with a built-in scheduler module. This allows you to automate backup processes. Just use the backup wizard to create your backup job and Lomsel Backup will take care of the rest. This program is useful for everyone everywhere, where any important data is created, that must be protected quickly, or regularly, for example, during work progress or every day, after your work is finished. Program main features: - simple service and intuitive interface, - fast access to most important options, - automatic backup (task scheduler), - shell integration, - backup settings adjustment, - backup open files, - registry backup, - Windows shell backup, - incremental backup, - backup password protection, - backup by filter, - logging, - backup jobs, - export/import backup job settings, - wizards (backup and restore), - scheduler wizard, - backup files list, - spanned backup files (on diskette), - no files limit for a single backup operation, - you can compress up to 2147483647 files into an archive, - archive file sizes can be up to 2^63-1 bytes in length, - CD/DVD writing, - multi language interface (English, Polish) - strong encryption 128Bit, 192Bit and 256Bit - works under Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.

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