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Main functions: - LogonWatcher can show any type of user logged on workstation - local or remote. And it will not only show them in single-lined list as Netwatch do - you can also group your network to as much as 20 groups of computers to watch. This grouping can be done by the way you prefer - by Departments, Classrooms, Floors or even Alphabetically ... Up to 50 computers in one group - 500 computers in network. If you have more, just tell me ... - If you have some computers that you need to monitor better or have an annoying person - fill the list of Alarms and you will be informed when somebody logged on a watched computer(s) or watched person(s) logged anywere in the network. - Searching in all of computers from the list is done in a second. - Take snapshots of network usage by users - one group, all groups or selected groups, automatically once per ... You can even select time interval and destination folder for saving. - Multi-threaded working - 10 threads of looking (loop or not) and additional threads for searching and other tasks. - Remote Shutdown, Restart or Logoff (with ChatKiller service) - Remote Active Windows Title show - you can know what user is doing right now - TCP/IP ping for faster determine live hosts. - Remote Administrator integration - Get user info and Disable user - Alarms by user name, computer name or Remote Active Window Title - remote kill foreground application

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