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Limit Logins effectively restricts the amount of concurrent logins for any given user. Centrally manage all users in your corporation from one Administrative Console. Limit concurrent logins for specified users or groups on the network. Ability to see where all users are currently logged into. Ability to set the user to automatically logout/restart/shutdown after a specified time of being logged in (ex. after 5 minutes of being logged in). Ability to set a specific time to logout/restart/shutdown. (A very important security and power saving feature that you cannot set without Limit Logins!) Send notifications (e-mail/Text Pager) on all login/logout/time restriction/scheduled time/denied access activity. Send remote file execution commands to one or multiple users. Ability to remotely logout/restart/shutdown any logged in computer. Ability for client's to see which computers they are logged into. Version 2.0.6 adds option of using multiple servers per domain to save on bandwidth and improve performance of each server and adds ability to map multiple groups to a Server Sub.

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