Intrepid Mouse File Launcher

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Intrepid Mouse File Launcher is a free file launching utility that is ideal for anyone distributing two or more programs or files on removable media. It lists all files available for launching and, if required, shows a description of each file. To open a file, the user simply selects a file from the list and clicks a button. No installation is required, and the program does not touch the Windows registry - simply run the program from wherever it is needed. File Launcher can be used 'locally' or on removable media, and you are free to use as many copies of the program as you like. The program can be localised for use in any language and through the use of a simple configuration file, File Launcher is easily customisable: use your own program title, specify all text labels within the program, provide your own program messages, override the default button sizes (so that the buttons are an appropriate size for your text), specify exactly which files are listed for launching, and display just filenames or show file paths. A description of each file can be included and you can provide end users with as much information as you like - e.g. comments, file sizes, system requirements, etc. End users can mark a checkbox to keep File Launcher open when launching a file, or they can clear the checkbox if they want File Launcher to close.


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