Interscope BlackBox

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Interscope BlackBox is a modular, extensible and easy-to-use security suite, smoothly integrated into the Windows shell and your favorite e-mail client and helps you protect your files, e-mail messages and the content of any window on your screen. BlackBox can also create self-extracting encrypted archives that you can easily distribute or send over unsafe networks (e.g. the Internet), it can send encrypted files by e-mail, can wipe the files or free space on your drives so that no sensitive information can be recovered and can organize your sensitive files in security sets. It was designed to fulfill the needs of everyday security while being as fast and easy to use as possible. BlackBox uses 56-bit DES by default but other algorithms (e.g. Blowfish, RC4, CAST) are available for free from the <a href="">BlackBox engine library</a>. A free <a href="">BlackBox SDK</a> is also available for developers who want to integrate their own algorithm(s) into BlackBox.

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