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When computers are featured in movies people are able to use them to find information instantly, however in reality it often takes a long time to find information or create and edit documents. InfoFind improves your computer experience because InfoFind organizes a variety of files and data from different programs into one easy to use program, and InfoFind allows you to do many difficult computer tasks with ease. InfoFind works with all versions of Windows and provides easy to use help with every screen so that you always know what to do. Some of the main features of InfoFind include: *Ability to View and Clear a Computer's History *Look up words with InfoFind's Dictionary *Convert between Metric, Imperial, and Traditional Units *Perform Advanced Calculations with one of many Calculators *File and Text Encryption *File Management, File Viewing, and File Editing *Creating Drawings and Sketches with a Tablet PC *View Pictures, Images, and Create Web Page Slide Shows *Organize and Play all of your Music, and Videos with one Program *View and Edit all Popular Database Formats *Easily Create Databases Applications at Home or at Work *Computer Security Help and System Information


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