HD Fit

Disk Maintenance and Repair Utilities
  • Developer: paolo taiani
  • Home page: visit
  • License type: Free
  • Size: 154.21 KB
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HD Fit is a simple tool that performs a test on the hard disk surface and allows you to detarmine what could be the reason of slowliness, data loss or malfunctioning of the disk drive. Example of diagnosis: - Block of sporadic failed sectors [red]. The drive is in good shape. - Elevated number of consecutive blocks with failed sectors [red], a headcrash is highly probable. - Elevated number of blocks with failed sectors [red], possible corruption of the magnetic surface. If HD Fit does not find the drive, many could be the causes. Only one thing is certain, the data recovery cannot be performed autonomously. The firmware could be corrupted, the PCB could be damaged, all the heads could be crashed, the preamplifier could be out of order or the spindle could be seized.


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