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To remove duplicates itunes or to get rid duplicate files itunes it-s enough to have a good and convenient program. Like Clone Remover. Clone Remover was initially created as an innovative program-decision in the field of search and removal of duplicate files. It becomes already clear at start that the program-s innovative. The program has no uniform window which is managed by the difficult menu panel. On the contrary, the work is carried out in the form of windows replacing each other in which this or that question is asked to the user, and the user chooses a corresponding option and passes in a following window to execute following action. Etc. It is necessary to notice that the program has a functional block, which is one of the best among similar programs by efficiency. Besides traditional functions like search and removal of duplicate files, Clone Remover has the expanded options in which the user can adjust criteria of search, the directory in which the program will search for duplicate files. It-s necessary to notice that in the program, besides a traditional folder, other variants of search directory are provided. The archive, a network disk, as well as i-Tunes are concerned. Program Clone Remover works in the mode of functional blocks. Each functional block solves the part of problems: defines criteria of search (among what types of duplicates the search is spent), chooses a search directory, spends automatic search and offers variants how to get rid duplicate files itunes. By the way, it is possible very simple to remove duplicates itunes. It-s enough to choose one of the variants which the program suggests ' -to remove- in the last window, -to remove to the Recycle Bin-, -to copy-, -to move to a special folder-. As the practice shows, the optimal variant is -to remove to the Recycle Bin-.

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