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Forensic email analysis software that means a query for “how to examine an email”) allows one to search for emails by name, to analyze spam email headers and parts of it and furthermore to collect forensic email evidences which can be potential and crucial software for the investigator of cyber forensic investigation. It leads users to enhance and boost up their investigating skills with a forensic tool like forensic email analysis tool. It provides exclusive options to its exclusive users for analyzing and examining forensic email evidences like it supports more than 10 different email application formats such as PST, OST, INCREDIMAIL, EUDORA, MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD etc prior to installation of these email applications. Furthermore it allocates to analyze code format emails and view email HEX code, RTF, HTML, MIME, PROPERTIES VIEW etc which is quite difficult for the investigators as well as for most of the other forensic tools also. Without a forensic tool like forensic email analysis tool it won’t be completed. Finally forensic email analysis software permits to collect forensic email evidence by exporting the email evidence to device location or else can convert into easy accessible files like convert PST to HTML, OST to HTML etc. Trial Version: - To avail 50 emails export per folder with all the key aspects of MailXaminer Software, download the TRIAL VERSION for the whole 30 days absolutely FREE. Paid Version: - To avail unlimited usage of all the key aspects for knowing how to examine an email, Subscribe to the PAID VERSION of MailXaminer Software by paying only $299. Fore more info click on


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