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Each version of the Palm OS operating system includes applications that you do not use. Yet their icons take up space in the launcher and force you to spend more time looking for the programs you DO use. And because those applications are located in ROM, you can’t delete them. Fast Hide solves this problem. It will allow you to easily control which application icons are visible and which are not. Easily hide or make visible any application icon. Fast Hide will help you work faster and smarter. Take advantage of our 21-day free trial, and you'll make sure yourself how convenient it is. Devices running Palm OS earlier than 5.0 will also be able to control the visibility of Preferences panels. Fast Hide is fully compatible with the following launchers: Palm OS, Sony Clie, and Resco Explorer. Fast Hide is partially compatible (i.e., it cannot hide ROM-based applications) with the following launchers: Silver Screen and ZLauncher, MegaLauncher. Fast Hide does not include support for Win Launcher.

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