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AWinware Pdf Encryption security software protects batch pdf files with password protection. This advanced application helps to lock documents with pdf open password security and owner password restrictions. Restrictions which can be applied on the documents includes pdf editing, pdf printing, pdf content copying on clipboard, pdf form filling, pdf signing, pdf page extraction and pdf commenting. Locking documents with open (user) password ensures that only intended recipients can open & view file using correct input password while locking documents with owner (master) password ensures that no one can edit, print, copy, modify, sign or comment protected (restricted) pdf documents. Using AWinware Pdf security software, you can lock pdf files with advanced AES 128 bit & 256 bit protection, RC4 40 bit & 128 bit strong protection. Features: 1. Protects batch pdf files in a single hit. 2. Software locks pdf with open password & owner guard protection. 3. Pdf encryption secure batch pdf files. 4. Software is easy to use and does not require technical skills to operate. 5. Program supports install & un-install features both.

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