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Emsa FlexTool XP - System Information, Diagnostic and Tools - Multipurpose utility for Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/2000/2003 Emsa FlexTool XPis a powerful, feature-rich system utility. Here are some of the features it provides: - Extremely comprehensive system information gathering - Realtime CPU graph & memory load information - Net tools: lookup, ping, network view - CPU speed test, Memory speed test - Pop-up blocker - Atomic Time Synchronization over the Internet - Keylogger - saves your typed data - Bandwidth monitor - shows your internet speed and comprehensive net interface data - Fullscreen html reports; autosave reports on disk for later viewing The System information functions supported are: - Boot Configuration - BIOS - Processor - Partitions - Disks - CD-ROMS - Floppy - IDE - Keyboard - Logical disks - Motherboard - Network adapters - Pnp Devices - Modems - Printers - Sound - Serial Ports - Parallel Ports - USB controllers - Desktop Monitor - Video Controller - Logical Memory - OS - PRocesses - Environment Strings - DMA channels - IRQ resources - Device memory allocation - Port resources - Services - Terminal Services - System Drivers - Timezone - User Accounts The network info section allows resolving remote IP addresses and hostnames, as well as pinging ip/hosts, and network configuration. The Keylogger keeps track of what you have typed on your computer. If by mistake, power failure, system frozen or any such other bad event, you lost the data you have beem tying for long time, this program saves your work! The Bandwidth monitor shows a small, repositionable, transparent-able window which can be placed on your desktop and permanently show speed information about your network connections, overall or individual. It also shows comprehensive information about the particular connection selected. And more!


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