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Probably you often face the situation when there are a lot of similar or identical images on one computer (even in a folder). These are so-called duplicate images. As a rule, their common features are permission, depth of colour, and the main thing – the image. If you’re an inveterate photographer certainly duplicate images became a problem for you. After numerous photo sessions there is a lot of defects – similar or identical photos differing sometimes only with the permission, bad quality photos and other. With it and many other things cases you will be helped by the newest duplicate image finder – Clone Remover. This duplicate picture finder has a simple and user-friendly interface. The work is constructed in a dialogue mode in which you "ask" questions, and the program "answers" them. The result of such answers is always one – duplicate files removal (however there are also other ways). Being good duplicate picture finder, Clone Remover hasn’t forgotten about duplicate pictures. Duplicate image finder provides three types of duplicate images being able to be searched and deleted. Firstly, exact duplicates. They are two or more graphical files having a little identical properties. The properties include file format (for example, JPG, GIF), resolution, color depth, the colors of each pixel of the images. Secondly, similar images. They are two or more graphical files having similar height, width and color depth, but their formats are different. Thirdly, inexact copies. They are two or more graphical files having different format and (or) height and width and (or) color depth and (or) colors of some corresponding pixels. The duplicate image finder will find the specified types of files and give you the possibility to remove or copy in a special folder (as well as the Recycle Bin). With the program you will forever forget about the problem of PC clone images.

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