Diskeeper Server for Windows 2000

Access Control Utilities
  • Developer: Executive Software
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 4 KB
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Proven by NSTL to be 300-500% faster and much more thorough than manual, built-in defragmenters like the one in Windows 2000. Diskeeper's "Set it and Forget It" and "Smart Scheduling" functionality makes achieving maximum performance gains an absolute no-brainer. Diskeeper is the best selling and most recommended automatic disk defragmenter ever built. NEW! Second Edition features a Microsoft recommended lightning fast boot-time defrag for critical MFT and Paging Files. Built-in defragmenters can't touch them Tested by NSTL to increase and maintain system performance 56%-81%, even more on Window 2000. Evaluated by IDC to extend the productive life of servers and workstations by up to two years. Dramatically reduce Help Desk calls and lowers overall network budget-without effort.


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