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Data wiper software erases disk data and ensures that they are unrecoverable by any advance data recovery software. Disk cleaner utility provides destructive and non-destructive wiping mode and allows user to wipe entire disk or selected files and folders without affecting other data. Disk data removal utility ensures computer privacy by wiping confidential files and folder from disk drive. USB drive sanitization tool erases data from all removable disk having FAT, FAT32 and NTFS file system. Hard disk data removal application cleanup entire or selected part of disk by using different disk erasing algorithms. Destructive disk cleaner mode erases entire disk data regardless of data saved or unsaved. Non-destructive disk data elimination software increases system performance by removing all system registry files, clipboard contents, internet history etc. HDD cleanup utility supports all major branded removable and non-removable disk drive having high storage capacity. USB drive data wiper utility provides high speed data wiping from entire hard disk, selected partitions or unused disk space. Hard drive data cleaner software allows user to analyze the disk status (deleted and undeleted files) before wiping data from storage media. Secure data wiper application easily executes under all Windows operating systems such as 98, NT, ME, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. Features: * Data wiper software facilitates user to switch from Non-destructive to Destructive wiping mode. * Hard disk eraser tool wipes unused disk space and improves the overall speed and system performance. * Disk drive data removal utility permanently erases data from hard disk and USB disk drive partitioned with FAT or NTFS file system. * USB disk cleaner software supports all major branded removable storage media with higher storage capacity.

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