File Cleanup Utilities


CyberScrub is a high level military grade security application designed to help you completely eliminate sensitive information from your computer, protect your Internet privacy, and enhance system performance. CyberScrub not only removes all traces and evidence of your Internet activity (email, history, cookies, cache, Media Player/Real Player, etc.) but completely flushes the "locked" Windows files (page, swap, .dat, etc.), Recycle Bin, Recent Docs list, and many other areas that may contain sensitive data. CyberScrub completely erases “previously deleted” files, as well as providing secure deletion for removing current files/folders. . CyberScrub also functions as a wonderful clean up utility by removing useless files (.bak. .chk, etc.) that slow down your computer. CyberScrub wipes free space, file slack and scrambles file names and creation dates. Cookie management allows you to keep selected cookies and erase others for total control. Utilizing multiple erasure methods that exceed standards set by the U. S. Department Defense (DOD 5220.22) , CyberScrub is designed to defeat the most advanced forensic software and hardware recovery techniques. Supports Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera.


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