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Just released MAJOR UPGRADE version 3.0 now includes support for Quicktime, combines Palm and Windows Mobile\PocketPC etc into one and the all new Device Manager! * Modify how the picture looks with the much improved Edit Tool * Easy to change aspect ratio, apply pre-set clipping * Cut out with one easy click parts from the begining and the end you do not want * Quick preview to see how the video turns out (requires DirectX 9 which is most probably already on your machine anyway) * Copy directly to device for PocketPC\Windows Mobile\Smartphone * Copy directly to your favourite device manager such as for PSP or Palm * Copy directly to memory stick on your PC ... * no more fiddling ... organize your videos with the Video Manager which tells you the total size of the files you want to copy * ... and much more ... the list is long ... just see for yourself, it is all clearly explained in the help documentation that comes with it or simply follow the easy to use tips, messages and all controls you will need are in one place were you really need them!

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