Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown

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Need to auto shutdown or reboot your computer everyday at the same time even if your PC goes to sleep (standby/suspend mode)**? Want to save electricity bills and save the environment by making sure all your office PCs shutdown automatically after 7 p.m.? Want to improve PC performance by cleaning up your system during shutdown? Want to protect your PC and internet privacy by cleaning your usage traces? Want to quickly shutdown your computer with one keystroke instead of up to 5 clicks of the mouse? Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown may be the auto shutdown (and clean up) utility for YOU! Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown is a simple, elegant and professional computer shutdown software that lets you quickly power off, shutdown, reboot, hibernate, suspend, log off, or lock up your system. A shutdown timer can be set configure to automatically activate shutdown actions at a specific time of the day, once or daily. Keyboard hotkeys can be setup to instantly shutdown your PC via the keyboard. You can even automate cleaning up your PC during shutdown! Further more, it can works even if your PC goes to sleep (PC dependent)! Support the following shutdown actions: - Powering off computer - Shutting down Windows - Rebooting computer - Hibernating computer - Suspending computer - Logging off current user - Locking up workstation Support options to clean up your PC just before power off, shutdown or reboot. Clean up actions supported are: - clearing the Recycle Bin - clearing the Windows' temporary files folders - clearing the recent documents list - clearing the Internet Explorer's temporary files - clearing Internet Explorer's history - clearing the Internet Explorer's cookies, and - clearing the AutoComplete typed entries


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