Backup and Copy Utilities


1. Backup and restore is exactly and fastly. AnyBackup free can help you backup data that you selected , included file property and file content even the file is opened. 2. Based on "Job Definition". Fox example,You would create a "job" before backuping to setup destination,datasource,job type, then you can run this job anytime, automatically or Manually. 3. Application data backuping. Supporting backup mail receiving and sending application , like Outlook,Outlook Express,Foxmail,Thunderbird, also supporting backup the favorite url of IE,FireFox and , Windows System Fonts. 4. Different type of job.AnyBackup provide Diffrent type of job to create scableable backup plan.Copy-backup let your data keep your original directory structure; Incremental backup can backup changed data only, it can save your valuable time. 5. Schedule backup. Anybackup can set schedule task , such as every day,every week,or a day you specified, you can set the task when System start,System login, System idle, it is powerful function. 6. ¡¡¡¡ Credible safe mechanism 7. ¡¡¡¡ Anybakcup not only password protecting and file encrypting for backup data, but also you can set intensity of encryption arithmetic. 8. Support recording backup data to CD/DVD 9. Support backuping website by FTP protocol.Create datasource by website's directory or file,use incremental backup,time-lapse backup to protect website's file. 10. Cycling Backup Cycling Backup let you perform a full backup after performed serval incremental backup and incremental copy, easy to manage backup space. 11. Automatic splitting backup archives. It can automatic split to new backup archives if it's size big than you specified size.Let you backup hundreds GB in one time. 12. ¡¡¡¡ Reports. it provides richness taskreports shown your task state , easy to read results . 13. Can set file filters.You can specify wildcard to choose files to backup.


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