Aladdin StuffIt for Windows Standard Edition

Compression and Zip File Utilities


StuffIt Standard Edition makes your Internet communications fast, safe, and secure with maximum compression, strong encryption, and protection from file corruption. Don't send another file over the Internet without using StuffIt first! Fast. Send and receive files on the internet or across the network, fast! StuffIt shrinks files up to 98% so they get there quickly. And, its easy to just StuffIt. Simply drag and drop to create compressed files that will open automatically. Safe. Protect your files from corruption. StuffIt packages your files for safe delivery across the internet or the network, so they arrive at their destination undamaged. Secure. Prevent prying eyes from accessing private documents. When you use StuffIt's 128-bit encryption, only the person with the correct password can access your archives, so that sensitive data stays private. StuffIt Standard Edition gives you: * 5% more compression than Winzip, or any other zip program * 100% compatible with all zip programs * Search archives * Free, no-nag expansion * Easy to use drag and drop tools * Add or remove files without expanding archive

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