AbsoluteToolbar Deluxe

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In the Absolutetoolbar deluxe version you can also add or delete your favorite search links or create a new category. All links are stored in a search directory xml file, which can be shared with other users. You can have multiple search directory files for different subjects. It's like having all your favorite sites categorized on you toolbar, with ability to do an instant search on them. The deluxe version also allows you to create your own search directory file. Which means you can instantly create your own tabbed toolbar for your websites or for your company with all important links and share it with others. The capabilities of this toolbar provides features like; 16 different mouse functions and shortcuts, allows 19 different search categories on popular search engines, provides direct search to 40 popular shopping, news, download, special search sites; search options that are type sensitive, supports group search on multiple sites or search engines, allows catalog mode browsing, supports zoom for page, image and paragraph; supports easy created reference pages, allows notes attachment to web sites, in-built is a popup blocker with popup preview option, it also provides user safe surfing with its process analyzer, Spy-ware, ad-ware, virus detector and much more. With this multifunctional toolbar streamline and speed up the way you use the web. "


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