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4 Create Projectable Screen Saver only the Local 4 Distribution of Screen Saver Create a stand-alone single screen saver file(.SCR) and Custom icon for the .SCR files Create single compressed self-installing Screen Saver setup file. Automatic setup/uninstall and configuration directly into Windows Control Panel Unlimited Royalty-Free Distribution - No hassles. No hidden costs. You can distribute an unlimited number of copies of the screen savers you create 4 Static or Live Preview Option 4 Internet links to images of the top of settings dialog box 4 Include Readme option to the settings dialog box 4 Installer Features: Customize Installation Background Customize Installation Appearance Customize installer icon Include User License Agreement option Include Readme option Include Start Menu Program Group feature Include a Desktop Shortcut feature Customize icon for .SCR files 4 Modify product ABOUT information for the settings dialog box 4 Selling Features Unlockable/Try & Buy - Create unlockable 'Try & Buy' screen savers that convert into the full version when you provide the user with an unlock code. Use unique unlock codes for each user, or use one unlock code for all users. You can even include content (advertising, sales material, etc.) that disappears after a screen saver is unlocked Include a Registration Code Generator tool

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