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pcGhost is a professional software for computer security and protection, which will enable you to do these: It is very easy to use and not necessary to install, only one executable file. invisible in the Task Manager Window, invisible in the Sys Tray Area, invisible in the Task Bar, starts up with Windows, protects your hard work with this best shareware, keeps track of what you have done on your computer, allows to encrypt output log file, stores time and date, stores captions of all opened windows, stores time and date of application window activation, stores the names of all executed tasks, stores all pushed and/or popped keys, stores mouse clicks events, saves the URLs of visited WEB-sites, has no Y2K problem, saves the information before restart/shutdown of the computer, doesn't waste your computer's resources, doesn't cause any conflicts with other applications, provides an intuitive user interface. You can design the record time by yourself. It also can E-mail the logfile to any address sent, etc.


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