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Wild Boar (also wild pig, wild pig, wild boar) - omnivorous cloven-hoofed mammal from non-ruminants species of pigs Sus, part of the biological family Suidae. Which undoubtedly originated from the wild boar (and other closely related species), shorter and more compressed body, a thick and tall legs, in addition, boar's head is longer and thinner, the ears long and sharp and, moreover, erect, sharp fangs developed stronger and sharper: the male they are much more developed than in female. Species includes many subspecies. It is the wild ancestor of the domestic pig, an animal with which he freely hybridize. Wild boars are native to most of North and Central Europe, Mediterranean (including North Africa, the Atlas Mountains) and much of Asia as far south as Indonesia. Populations were artificially introduced in some parts of the world, especially in America and Australia. In other countries, people have also become established after wild boar escapes from captivity. Bristles, except the bottom of the neck and the back of the abdomen, forms on the back of something like a mane. Bristles black-and-brown mixed with yellow, brownish-gray undercoat, thanks to this general coloration gray, black and brown snout, tail, lower legs and hooves - black. Mottled and speckled specimens are rare and they are considered feral descendants of domestic pigs. Body length: 2 m, the tail is 25 cm, 95 cm shoulder height, the weight of an adult boar can reach 150-200 kg. Wild boar is kept in the rich water, wetlands, like wooded and overgrown with reeds, bushes and etc. Older males live mostly alone and join the herds only during mating. Females usually form small herds of 10 - 30 females and calves and young, weak males. Estrus is from November to January - between males occur at this time of fierce fighting. Pregnancy lasts about 18 weeks, the number of pups (originates normally once a year) 4 - 6. At first, they are painted white, black and brown and yellow stripes, which help mask


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