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Too many windows on your desktop? Switching between programs is fastidious? Wanting to use multiple user contexts while running a single Windows session? Virtual Desktop Toolbox is the first professional tool that enlarges your monitor by dynamically creating multiple virtual or non virtual desktops. You can organize programs and windows by categories in different desktops, share programs and windows between desktops, group your desktops within a virtual screen and easily and quickly (one mouse move) switch from one desktop to another one. Using scenarii and AutoRun, you can prepare desktops and programs for later use, either for yourself or for other users. Moreover, you can impersonate other users while staying in a single Windows session. Using built-in tools, you can easily (drag'n drop, contextual menus, tooltips, ...) customize your workplace and Windows notification area. Virtual Desktop Toolbox exists in english, french and spanish, and will be available soon for other languages (dutch, german, italian, portuguese in progress).

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