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Incredibly rich, true, fully rendered 3D environment. Come and join the adventures of Sly Slim while he passes time at his home in the Shale County Cemetary. The demo version has only 4 scenes, but they show you a little of what you can expect. The full release has at least 13 scenes!!! And, there are more coming out regularly. Watch Sly as he dances, scares people and generally has fun. Check out Sly's current scene list! Scene 1 - Sly rises from the ground Scene 2 - Moon Watcher Scene 3 - Epitah Humor Scene 4 - Strumming the Night Away Scene 5 - Is Anyone Home? Scene 6 - Game-ing Kids Scene 7 - Sleep Time Scene 8 - Dance Sly Dance! Scene 9 - Dog Bone? I don't think so! Scene 10 - Let's Go Fly A Kite! Scene 11 - The Grave Robber Scene 12 - The Halloween Surprise Scene 13 - ******** ***** (its the mystery 13th scene!) If you buy Skeleton Adventures, you can join the members area - from here you can suggest new scenes, vote on scenes and get access to free Giveaways. There is even the exclusive 'Special Features' section that show you how Sly was created with sample downloads and more. You can even enter competitions where you can win up to $100 per month! There is also a Wallpaper Manager with amazing Animated Wallpapers. This product retails at $9.95, but is free for members! That's virtually an additional $10 value for FREE! (Just check the Giveaway section after you register) You've never seen anything like Sly - its like a movie on your desktop, but one with an ever changing ending. Why not join in the fun now at This is much more than a screensaver. Meet the legend that is Sly Slim.


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