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LCARS 24 is a fast, smooth, powerful, and handsome 32-bit, TrueColor Starfleet-standard GUI with many LCARS games, applications, and utilities, the real thing, programmed from stratch in C, not Visual Basic or Flash. Standby mode displays a large clock (with MIDI alarm), calendar, and hot-key labels. Reliable as an alarm clock under DOS or on a Windows 9x machine started up in pure DOS mode (not reliable, even unstable, but operable under XP just to check it out). Handles .txt, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .wav, .mp3, .mid, and .htm files. Compatible with FreeDOS and FreeDOS32. Best on its own machine (a late-'90s laptop) separate from one's main computer if used mainly as an alarm clock. Open-source. Porting to Linux, BSD, Mac, and Windows from sources possible. Internet functions possible without Windows on a machine with a hardware modem or other viable connection. Games: Ferengi Blackjack, Borg Solitaire, Chess, Crossword, Warbird Standoff Utilities, apps: File manager, text editor, calculator, unit conversion, DOS command service, program launchers, system info, one medical app Reference: Large world map, world time, user phonebook, periodic table, 5000-word SAT vocab dictionary, various library files, Star Trek Web pages Animation: Clips from Star Trek movies/TV, 3-D sim of orbiting planets out to Saturn, Windows parody demo, high-res CGI starship animation Viewers, players: Offline Web-page viewer, image viewers, MIDI, MP3, wav players System audio: MIDI musical alarm, vocal misoperation scolding, starship panel beeps Multimedia: SFML (Starfleet Markup Language) for LCARS library files


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