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ExterPassive Video Wallpaper plays specifically created one-point-shooting videos (bundled with the software) as your desktop wallpaper or as a screensaver. New videos are available at the ExterPassive.com web site. Each package includes software and video files. Both the software and the video content are free. ExterPassive has created live natural videos, intended for desktop use. Visit http://www.ExterPassive.com/download.htm and find dozens of natural videos with sound to choose from. Once you try our video wallpaper, you'll never go back to static pictures or animated desktops. Each of our ExterPassive videos shows some kind of natural view from one perspective. Interested? This is a peculiar video, not for watching, but for beholding. The video was specifically created to look like a window. You wonder why you haven't seen anything like this before and that's because this video belongs to a new genre. It is called "Externally Passive Video", or ExterPassive Video. The natural origination of the videos is very important. No designer or computer artist took part in their creation. All you see is a live-shot. There is nothing more natural than nature. Feel the difference between live, natural video and computer-designed pictures!


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