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Desktop LX is a quality utility designed to offer you the user total and complete control over your PC's desktop wallpapers. By using Desktop LX , you can use any of your favorite images as your desktop wallpaper with ease. Features: Active Desktop (HTML) wallpaper, great for putting animation, sound clip, or movie on your desktop With an unlimited folder listed, Use 3 seperate folders to create collections of your favorite wallpapers and change between them quickly. Copy, move between the 3 with ease. Export wallpaper. Set the wallpaper to change automatically after a specified time period (x amount of minutes) Make your desktop icons text transparent, allowing your desktop wallpaper to show through Hotkey to control wallpaper hide Hotkey to snapshot a screencapture picture Fully functional version available for download - and its for free. Addons: System Info System Run Network Ping Network Messaging Free Memory nPad (Encrypted Notes) Data Stack

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