Cool Calendar 3.0

Shell and Desktop
Wallpaper Tools


With Cool Calendar, you may: Create calendars of different skins, with different backgrounds, layouts, shapes and sizes. The only limit is your imagination. Specify a display style for each skin, for a tighter integration of the calendar and your wallpaper. You may also assign display styles for different types of dates, providing yourself a more informative view. Customizable elements include: font, color, background, frame, and transparency. Manage appointments and events: appointments/events can be set up in Cool Calendar, with support of iCalendar standards. Supporting recurring events at regular intervals, including days, weeks, months and years. A reminder system with message and sound notifications prior to the due time of the event. Support set different icons for each event, and also display the icons on desktop calendar. Support export to iCalendar format. Double clicking dates on the desktop calendar allows you to directly add new events. Security. Cool Calendar automatically encrypts all relevant data to ensure maximum security of personal information.

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