BroadPage 2000

Shell and Desktop
Desktop Window Managers


Will revolutionize your web experience. Its patented user interface makes it easy to view and manipulate many tiled windows at a time so that you can view more pages in lesstime, and spend less time and effort managing and arranging them. Never Leave the Page You're On Because you can view other pages in other windows side by side with the page (or pages) you're currently viewing, you never have toleave the page you're currently on. Which means you don't have to spend a lot of time and mental effort figuring out how to backtrack back where you came from. Increase Information Throughput BroadPage manages the presentation of your search and information space, helping you to view more pages in less time and with less effort so that you can get more out of the time you spend on the web. BroadPage is a perfect tool for online research and trading, auctions, comparison shopping, For whatever you do on the the web, BroadPage will help you get it done faster, and more easily.

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