3D Statue of Liberty Screensaver

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Do you love USA? Did you ever want to visit the best place here – in New York harbor? Imagine for a moment that you are at Liberty Island breathing an air of freedom! Professionally made 3D screensaver will pleasantly surprise you with the reality and magnetic beauty and you will plunge into the atmosphere of magic evening! The super stereo sound transfers you from your world to another. The Statue of Liberty is a universal symbol of freedom. The natural charm of this place of America becomes a reality for you with our 3D screensavers. Download 3D Statue of Liberty Screensaver for free and plunge into the holiday and relax. Watching the fireworks over the Statue and the fluttering flag on your desktop you’ll never believe that it’s a 3d model. What will you feel listening to the hymn of the USA and watching one of the greatest places of the world? Of course, the air of freedom!


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