ZipTV Compression ActiveX Suite

  • Developer: Microchip Data Systems
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  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 276 B
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List archive contents, extract files from archives to disk or memory, compress files into archives, create archives spanning disks, create password protected and encrypted archives, add files to archives, delete archive contents, find files or perform text/binary/hex/dec/oct data search in archives or non-archives, scan disk for archives or non-archive files, comment archives or files in archives, UUE/XXE encode files, decode encoded files, associate file types with your application, convert between archive formats, work with multiple volume or multi-part and nested archives, execute files from archives, test archive integrity, create SFX, UnSFX, Edit archive headers, retrieve lost passwords and do more... Complete built-in support for creating and working with ZIP, ZIP SFX, JAR(JavaSoft® jar format), CAB(Microsoft® Cabinet), LHA, LHA SFX, LZH, LZH SFX,TAR(Unix Tape ARchive), GZIP(Unix GZip (gz/tar)), GZipTar, BH(BlakHole), BH SFX compressed files, UUE/XXE/ENC encoded files, and works with many other archive formats like: RAR, RAR SFX, ARJ, ARJ SFX, ARC, ARC SFX, ACE, ZOO, ZOO SFX, TGZ(Unix Tar/GZ archives), Z(Unix Compressed archives), HA, PAK, PAK SFX, Install-Shield.


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