XmEdiL is free document editor for XML and other languages. It is designed to be used by professional XML and other programmers and novices alike. For the professional XML programmer it offers features that enhance and improve productivity. For those learning XML, XmEdiL offers features that enable you to become comfortable and familiar with the language quickly and easily. The primary intended use of XmEdiL is the ability to quickly and easily author XML documents and XML related projects. XmEdiL contains everything you need to write, process, and debug XML documents. You can validate and transform XML documents. The XPath builder helps you to construct and evaluate XPath queries. Import tabular data as XML. Moreover being generally text editor, XmEdiL is also capable of editing other languages like HTML, XSL, CSS, JavaScript etc. With Language Editor, XmEdiL can be extended to use more languages. Designed to meet Windows interface guidelines, XmEdiL users can expect a familiar and intuitive user interface. Entirely documented. Main features are: - Conforms to the latest W3C specifications - Checks well-formedness - Validates XML documents against DTD/XML Schema - Generation of sample XML file from XSD Schema - Assigning XML schemas and XSL stylesheets - Performs XSL transformation - Build and evaluate XPath queries - Import tabular data as XML documents - Entry helpers for elements, attributes and entities. Language based - Three Autocomplete features - Language based Intellisense for quick authoring - Project management - Language Editor for custom languages - Multi language support (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VB etc.) - Customizable syntax colorizing - Language based comment/uncomment - Integrated browser - Pretty view for structured document display - Docking/floating windows - Templates for new documents - Export to PDF - Find and Replace features - Dozens of custom settings


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