Web Page Builder Toolkit



The program has a feature-packed WYSIWYG editor and uses simple fill-in forms to generate cut-and-paste code for mouseover buttons, text navbars with rollover effects, popup windows, drop-down menus, frames, hover links and other stylesheet effects, colored scrollbars, mailto order/feedback forms, tables and meta tags. Also includes a 3D logo maker, multi-level DHTML menu script, point-and-read HEX color wheel, website color scheme generator, stylesheet custom cursors, a selection of page templates and blank link buttons and a search engine for free web hosts. These basic features may be used permanently for free: 3D logo, page editors, hover links, feedback forms, tables, meta tags, color wheel, color scheme generator, buttons, website visitor greeting/counter, sample page and free web host search engine. These advanced functions are disabled in the demo version: WYSIWYG editor, mouseover button, text navbar, popup window, drop-down menu, stylesheet link, frames, color scrollbar, order form. Page templates and custom cursors only come with licensed version.

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