WMGL (Windows Mobile Graphics Library)

Components and Libraries


WMGL is a Graphic Library developed for Windows Mobile (Windows Phone) devices. It provides easy-to-use interfaces for fast alpha blending and various 3D effects. You can use it from your C++ or C# (.NET CF) project. This is the library currently used in the our project Touch Shell. Key features: * Various "3D" Effects (Rotate, Page, Slide) * Fast Alpha Blending * Blending types (HUE, Color, Saturation, etc.) * Transparent PNG Support * Filtering * Bordered blitting (resize skinnable elements without resizing borders) * C++ optimized procedures for semi-transparent drawing Requirements * Target Platform: Windows Mobile 5.0 and later * Microsoft Visual Studio C++ or .NET CF project. * Referenced libraries: Direct Draw, Imaging API (for PNG loading only, not for drawing)


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