VBATutor 2005

Visual Basic Tools


VBATutor 2005: 40 VBA Lessons with 14 Exercises for Beginner to Advanced Many VBA programming Books/Tutorials seem to be designed for the sole purpose of impressing users with the authors VBA programming skills. 'VBATutor 2005' has been carefully designed for those that have never done any computer programming and would like to "give it a go". Using explained screen shots with simple, fun examples and exercises, 'VBATutor 2005' will impress you with how it can clearly and simply explain how to use VBA in WORD and EXCEL In the DEMO version, you can view the first SIX lessons for FREE!. If you wish to continue on after trying these free lessons, you can purchase the complete VBATutor 2005 package that contains 40 lessons and 14 help and example files for US$11.00.


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