SQL Examiner

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SQL Examiner is an easy-to-use tool that quickly and accurately compares and synchronizes the schemas of Microsoft SQL Server databases. The tool merges two selected databases with just a few mouse clicks. It generates a script that takes into account the dependencies between objects and your data and delivers precise results. SQL Examiner compares databases and displays a detailed description of their differences in such a way that you can easily decide what changes should be synchronized. The main advantages of the SQL Examiner are: - Full support for SQL Server 2005, including CLR objects, new data types, indexes, schemas, triggers, etc.; - Support of various synchronization sources. Comparison runs equally well on a backup copy, on a detached database or on database snapshots; - Partial synchronization is possible, allowing you to specify the separate columns or constraints that you need to synchronize; - During synchronization, SQL Examiner protects the process from mistakes or possible data loss; - A wide range of settings allows users to modify comparison options to cover any specific needs; - When one object is selected, the objects dependent on it are automatically included in the resulting script; - While synchronizing the database schema, SQL Examiner avoids mistakes by taking into account the data values in the target database; - During synchronization, SQL Examiner bypasses non-critical errors in order to complete the process, thus enabling the user to come back to the errors at a later time; - The databases you need to compare may contain any number of objects; and - You can make personal settings in the user interface. Buy SQL Examiner and check out its useful features, high-performance rate and guaranteed high-quality results. It handles all the routine work, allowing you to focus on the main tasks of design and development.


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